Personnel Policy

The so-called efficient, that is, the effective implementation of goals; the so-called execution, is the perfect match for man gang.

Utilities train qualified personnel

Strong growth trend Hefei Gheit Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the company staff to provide a good platform for the cause, in order to attract and foster talent to create a solid condition. Hefei Gheit Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to expand recruitment channels, optimizing the way the interview, in the form of increased hiring in the strict basis into relevant, to focus on the introduction of the knowledge structure is reasonable, young talent. Good business platform to manage employment mechanism merit hiring philosophy and human-centered shape a young, vibrant, high-quality workforce.

Talent pool with the environment

Hefei Gheit Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to building

Comfortable, clean office environment: bright and spacious workshop, factory surrounded by greenery, well-lit office, fast and convenient office equipment.

Honest and efficient communication environment: seminars, exchanges, celebration, fun activities

Harmony, mutual coexistence environment: Respect inclusive care

Motivate talented people with treatment

Reasonable, objective performance appraisal, do not ask once, just ask grow. Your background, past experience is not important, it is important that you come Gheit, whether summarized in learning, whether progress in summary, whether grown in progress.

With a mechanism to retain talent

Hefei Gheit Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to five levels of needs Maslow's theory as the basis, tailored for different levels, the level of each employee customized career planning. A systematic, comprehensive training to help each employee understand the cognitive yourself and enjoy the blooms are attractive on their own stage.

Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hefei Gheit attention to the development and utilization of personnel, willing to build a good platform to grow a vast talent, welcome people to join the company.

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